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Hands Upon My Heart is a gripping true-to-life story about the author's personal struggle with coronary artery disease. The reader enters into the cardiac world's harsh realities and experiences what it's like to have a coronary catheterization, bypass surgery, and post surgery interventional angioplasty.

Starkly honest, the story vividly portrays interactions with doctors and nurses, coming to terms with loss of control, post operative depression, and the struggle to save a marriage.

Foster describes each medical procedure with vivid, literary simplicity...and, the story -- written to read like fiction -- is replete with conflict: conflict between Perry and doctors and nurses, conflict between husband and wife over the family jewelry business, conflict over diet and lifestyle changes, and conflict with God over human suffering.

Nuanced humor and flashbacks into the author's childhood help break the story's solemnity.

Though not a religious story, a spiritual element inevitably weaves through it. Each spiritual encounter and cardiac procedure described in the story happened as written; however, the settings, and the names and descriptions of doctors and nurses have been changed.

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